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    Ongoing work in the Merrimack Valley

    While we have substantially completed our recovery and restoration in the Merrimack Valley, we continue to conduct maintenance and operations work, with Department of Public Utilities approval, in the towns of Andover, Lawrence and North Andover, as well as in Methuen and across the state.

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  • DPU moratorium

    Under the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities' non-emergency work moratorium issued October 3, 2019, customers will continue to see crews out in the community conducting approved work on a daily basis. Across the state we’re coordinating daily with the DPU to prioritize projects and secure approval to conduct necessary work on our gas distribution system in addition to the ongoing service-line verifications in the Merrimack Valley.

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If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak, have carbon monoxide symptoms or have some other emergency situation, go outside and call 911 and then our emergency number at 1-800-525-8222.