How America Uses Natural Gas

How America Uses Natural Gas

America's Versatile and Valuable Energy Resource

Natural gas is one of our most versatile and valuable energy resources. Here are just a few examples of how natural gas is used in America.

  • Natural gas generates 30 percent of our nation's electric power.
  • Natural gas is clean transportation – it dramatically reduces emissions, provides better fuel efficiency and is the only fuel alternative for heavy-duty trucks and buses.
  • Natural gas provides efficient heating, water heating and cooking both at home and at work.
  • Natural gas is used as a raw material in fertilizers and is a key component in many types of manufacturing, including pharmaceuticals, medical implants, cosmetics, electronics, plastics and paints.
  • Natural gas is used in industrial settings to heat water that produces steam.

percentage of natural gas use

One of the largest growth areas for natural gas is electric power generation. The demand for electricity is expected to expand by 250GW between 2008 and 2035. Natural gas is expected to be the energy source of choice for 46 percent of this added capacity.