Value of Natural Gas

Value of Natural Gas

The Best Energy Value

Here are five reasons why the American Gas Association thinks natural gas is the best energy value for the 21st Century:

Natural Gas is America's Natural Wonder

  • Natural gas use has increased by 35 percent over the last decade, and is projected to grow by 45 percent by 2015.
  • Natural gas costs homeowners less to use in your home than electricity, heating oil, propane or kerosene. On average, electricity costs almost four times more than natural gas.
  • Natural gas customers paid less for their gas in 1998 than they did in 1987 – about 24 percent less, in inflation-adjusted dollars.

Natural Gas is the Cleanest and Most Efficient Fossil Fuel

  • More than 90 percent of the natural gas we use in the United States comes from North America, and supplies are abundant.
  • The two-million-mile underground natural gas delivery system has an outstanding safety record.
  • Regardless of the weather, you can depend on your natural gas utility to bring you America's best energy value.

Natural Gas is Safe, Reliable and it's Made in America

  • Natural gas is today's environmental energy choice. Increased use of natural gas can help address several environmental concerns simultaneously, including smog, acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Most electricity in the United States comes from coal, which produces far more emissions than natural gas.
  • Gas utilities employ more than 151,000 people in all 50 states, with an annual payroll of nearly $6.7 billion.
  • Natural gas provides about 24 percent of all the energy used in the United States. That's a third of the energy, excluding transportation fuels.
  • Natural gas utilities operate and maintain more than 1.2 million miles of safe, efficient underground pipes – an energy-delivery system that is the envy of the world.

Your Natural Gas Utility is Your Neighbor and Your Trusted Energy Partner

  • Gas utilities serve more than 60 million customers.
  • Your local gas utility has an investment in and a commitment to your community. Many gas utilities have been serving their customers for more than 80 years.
  • Natural gas utilities are innovative and reliable, providing customers with a variety of services, products and, most importantly, America's best energy value.