April is National Safe Digging Month

Mar 25, 2013

Westborough, MA – Spring is finally here! Many of us are already planning our gardens and outdoor projects. It’s no mystery why April is National Safe Digging Month, because you should know what’s below before you dig.

Warmer temperatures and the arrival of spring signals the beginning of outdoor activities.Everything from replacing a mailbox, to building an addition on a home, or excavating the yard for a new swimming pool. Before homeowners and contractors pick up a shovel, Columbia Gas reminds everyone to pick up the telephone and call 811 or 888-Dig-Safe.It’s the law!

Anyone planning to dig on private or public property must call Dig Safe at least 72 hours in advance.Dig Safe, a “one-call center”, will notify all gas, electric, telephone and cable companies with underground pipes and cables in the area. These utilities will visit the site and mark the location of their utilities in the construction area – at no charge.

“Calling 811 before digging gives us the opportunity to mark our gas lines and prevent a potentially dangerous situation, as well as possibly saving homeowners and contractors costly repair bills, property damage, and/or fines,” said Frank Davis, Columbia Gas General Manager.“We urge all homeowners and contractors to call 811 if there is any digging involved in their spring outdoor projects. By digging cautiously and responsibly, everyone can help make this a safe construction season.”

If you detect a possible gas leak, by smell (rotten eggs), sight (white cloud, mist or fog), or sound (hissing or whistling), follow these steps:

  • Move to a safe environment
  • Call 911 immediately and provide the exact location
  • DO NOT smoke or operate electrical switches or appliances
  • DO NOT assume someone else will report the condition

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