Service Installation Request

Service Installation Request

Service Line/Tap and Meter Request

Please enter the address of the site needing service. If you have any questions about filling out this form, please call New Business at 1-888-639-4270.

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Required for Service Line/Tap Installation

1) Where is the meter stubbed? *
If Other, Please Specify:  
2) Is the construction site within 6" of final grade with foundation backfilled? *
3) Is the construction site clear of obstructions, i.e. building materials, scaffolding, construction equipment, etc.? *
4) What delivery pressure is needed at the meter outlet? *
5) What is the approximate distance from the property line to the house? *
6) Are there any obstructions that would hinder service line installation, i.e. fence, septic system, well, leach bed? *
(If Yes, Please specify below)  

All private underground utilities, to include sewer lines or laterals, drain fields, etc. shall be marked by the applicant to clearly identify their physical location.
7) Is the property located on an odd-shaped lot, i.e. corner, cul-de-sac, etc.? *
Please list ALL equipment and the BTU rating for each piece: *

Required for Meter Installation

1) Is this a multiple meter setting? *
2) If yes, how many meters on the setting?  
3) Is each house line stub clearly marked to identify the part of the building it supplies? *
Please note: All requests for service are based upon the information provided above. Any changes or omissions may result in added costs and/or delays.