Gas Transportation FAQs

Shop and Save

Talk about freedom of choice!  Since the deregulation of the natural gas industry, customers now have the option of purchasing their natural gas supply from various competitive suppliers while continuing to rely on Columbia Gas of Massachusetts to deliver it to you.  Our Natural Gas Transportation Services allows business customers to shop for their own natural gas supply.  This gives you the opportunity to research your best price for natural gas and some smart shopping could have quite an impact on your energy budget.

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts is not in competition with these suppliers.  Since we do not mark-up the cost of the natural gas we purchase on behalf of our customers, we see these suppliers as our business partners who may be able to help our customers get a better natural gas supply price. Suppliers are sometimes able to provide a better supply price, because unlike Columbia Gas of Massachusetts they purchase supplies for only the select pool of customers in contract for a specific time period. Columbia Gas of Massachusetts will continue to transport your supply with the reliability you have come to expect and trust. 

Take the time to learn the facts so you can make an informed decision when you select the company to supply you with natural gas.

Your bill is divided into two parts:

  1. Gas delivery charges - The cost of the local pipes, meters and other equipment plus maintenance services needed to get the natural gas from the interstate pipeline to your business.   This is the part of your gas bill that will not change if you purchase your gas supply from another company.
  2. Gas supply charges - The cost of the natural gas supply, plus the cost of shipping it from its point of origin through the interstate pipelines to Columbia Gas of Massachusetts distribution system. This is the part of your gas bill that you can shop to try to get a lower price.

Your gas delivery and supply charges are based on your gas usage. When shopping for your gas supply, you will want to compare the price you are offered on comparable units.

Daily Metered Service and Non-Daily Metered Service

Daily metered service - Telemetering equipment is required with installation at your expense.  There is a one-time installation fee for the device and in some cases a monthly telemetering charge.  An active phone line also needs to be provided and connected to the telemetering device.

Non-Daily metered service - No telemetering equipment is required.

There are specific eligibility requirements for your business to qualify for either type of service based primarily upon your natural gas annual usage. We will be pleased to review this service and verify your eligibility when you are ready to consider such a program. Please contact us to verify your eligibility, discuss your options and help you determine which service best meet your business needs