Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization

Educational Pipeline Replacement Video

At Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, it’s our responsibility to deliver natural gas to warm your home, heat your water, and cook your food; and to maintain the pipelines used to deliver that gas to your home or business. Hundreds of miles of underground pipelines deliver this natural gas and are an essential part of our communities’ modern-day infrastructure.

As with many other types of infrastructure, like roads, dams, and bridges, deterioration occurs over time and repairs or replacement are eventually needed. The old gas pipes installed in your neighborhood generations ago served us well, but they are now ready to be retired.

If we do nothing, the cost to maintain and repair these older pipes will be higher than the cost to replace them. That is why we are taking proactive steps today, reducing costs to our customers.

Watch this illustrated video highlighting why we are replacing pipelines, what you can expect, and the benefits to your community.