Infrastructure Modernization

Map of Our Projects

Enter your address including city and zip code in the box below to check for projects near you. This map highlights large projects affecting many customers around the state (there may also be smaller projects in your area not shown on the map). Project boundaries are approximate.

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Map reflects only an approximate location of natural gas mains and is based upon best available information as of 6/28/2016.  In general, natural gas mains run in streets, right-of-ways and easements and not under buildings or structures. Service lines, the gas facilities that run from the gas main to a building, are not shown on this map. This map is subject to change, and may contain omissions or inaccuracies. Contact Columbia Gas of Massachusetts for actual field verification of the location of gas lines. This map is not intended for identification of safe digging locations. Any person planning to dig is instructed to always Call 811 Before you Dig.