Linda Manor

Energy Efficiency at Work 

Linda Manor Extended Care is a member of Berkshire Healthcare Systems, a leader among not-for-profit, post-acute care organizations in Massachusetts. Berkshire Healthcare is a not-for-profit, consumer-centered organization committed to fulfilling the health and residential needs of the population in the communities it serves.

Project Summary

Starting in 2012, Linda Manor began taking a closer look at how they were using energy. They engaged in a technical assessment that identified energy savings opportunities which ultimately included heating equipment upgrades and ozone technology for their laundry operations. Columbia Gas of Massachusetts not only shared in the cost of the assessment, but also contributed 50% toward the energy upgrades for the project totaling over $29,500. These energy efficient upgrades are expected to save close to 9,800 therms per year which equates to approximately $14,600 annually.

The installation of ozone laundry allowed Linda Manor to save natural gas by lower hot water use and reduced linen drying time. The ozone system has also provided substantial water savings and extended linen use.

The installation of new high-efficiency heating equipment was the last piece to upgrading all of the major energy use appliances. With the installation of the new heating boilers the operational costs have been reduced and reliability has been increased. 


Improve the efficiency of laundry operations Upgrade water heating and space heating equipment


  • Installation of ozone laundry
  • New high efficiency heating equipment
  • Project Cost: $95,068
  • Incentive Paid: $29,500
  • Est. Annual Savings: $14,600
  • Customer Payback: Less than 5 years 

“Berkshire Healthcare Systems has embraced the concept of energy efficiency throughout our organization and Linda Manor is an excellent example of what we have accomplished,” said Marge Turner, Purchasing Manager for Berkshire Healthcare Systems. “We are upgrading equipment, saving energy and saving money.”

“Linda Manor has been a great customer to work with,” states Paul Giguere, program manager at Columbia Gas. Together we evaluated their facility to come up with energy efficiency recommendations and over time they executed each of the recommendations. I look forward to working with them on some of their other properties.”