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Osgood Landing

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts Presents $200,000 High-efficiency Rebate to Property Management Firm

Seizing the need to reduce greenhouse emissions and save on energy costs, the Andover, Mass. management firm, Ozzy Properties, Inc., secured a $200,000 rebate from Columbia Gas of Massachusetts for installing high-efficiency natural gas boilers at its Osgood Landing facility in North Andover. Osgood Landing, formerly occupied by Lucent Technologies, is an office and manufacturing complex with nearly two million square feet of space.  

As part of the facility upgrade, Ozzy Properties chose to abandon the antiquated oil boilers in favor of environmentally-friendly natural gas equipment. This change will save approximately 180,000 therms/year which equates to approximately 3,120,000 lbs/CO2 per year reduction, in addition to significantly lower operating costs.

“Partnering with property managers such as Ozzy Properties to revive commercial buildings is important for economic development,” said Stephen H. Bryant, president of Columbia Gas of Massachusetts. “The energy savings gained from the new equipment will reduce heating costs for years to come, an attractive benefit to both the property owner and incoming tenants.” 

“Ozzy Properties had the option of installing standard-efficiency or high-efficiency natural gas equipment,” said Derek Buchler, manager, demand side management, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts. “By selecting the more energy-efficient, higher-priced equipment, Ozzy Properties qualified for the $200,000 incentive from the Columbia Gas of Massachusetts Partners in Energy program.”