Guide to Natural Gas

Guide to Natural Gas

Five Simple Steps to Set Up a New Natural Gas Service

Step One: Contact Us

If your neighbors use natural gas,service is probably already available in your neighborhood. Submit a Gas Availability Request or give us a call at 1-888-639-4270. One of our company representatives will guide you through the process. And they'll determine if you qualify for a free connection. Download our new gas service guide.

Step Two: We'll Help You Make the Right Choices

When you speak with our representative, you'll get straight answers to any questions you may have about installing and using natural gas. They'll also tell you if any incentive programs are available. The distance from your home to the existing gas main in the street will determine the complexity and potential cost of your installation. If the distance from the curb to the foundation of your home is within accepted limits, the connection will be provided at no charge. If the distance is greater than accepted limits, if you live in an urban area or if the service requires extraordinary digging, your representative will complete an economic analysis to determine your cost, if any.

Step Three: Choose a Contractor to Install Your Heating System

If you're purchasing a new gas heating system, you will need to hire an independent plumbing/heating contractor for installation. Your Columbia Gas of Massachusetts representative can provide you with our list of Participating Contractors, so you can choose with confidence. We encourage all customers to secure three bids before making their contractor selection. Your chosen contractor will install your natural gas equipment and provide the necessary interior piping. Be sure to discuss with your contractor where the natural gas meter will be located. Refer to the Natural Gas Meter Placement sheet for details. We strongly recommend you do not schedule the installation of your new heating system prior to the installation of your new gas service.

Step Four: Gas Service Line Installation

A utility installation will require time and some planning. Once you sign your contract and complete the Gas Service Installation Form, we'll take it from there. First we begin by calling the Dig Safe hotline to mark out any underground utility lines in front of your property and obtain the necessary permits from your town. Then, we'll schedule the connection of the natural gas service line to the exterior of your home. On the scheduled installation date, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts will dig a narrow trench from our gas main in the street to your home and make all the proper connections. Once the service line is installed, we'll refill the trench and rake it smooth making it easier for you to replant any displaced landscaping. Please refer to the Installing a New Gas Service Line information sheet for further details. Now that your new gas service has been completed, it's time for your plumbing/heating contractor to install your new heating system.

Step Five: Gas Meter Installation

Installing the gas meter is the last step of the process. Normally the installation takes place within three business days of your call. Review the Requesting a New Gas Meter information sheet before requesting a gas meter. Once we install the meter, we will turn on the gas and light the pilots on your appliances.

Five steps to your new gas service with the professional assistance and guidance you expect from Columbia Gas of Massachusetts every step of the way. And when you're done you will know that natural gas was the right choice for you and your family. If you have any additional questions, please call us toll free at 1-888-639-4270. One of our company representatives will be pleased to assist you.