Get Prepared

Get Prepared

Prepare for the Unexpected

Every year we evaluate and update our emergency manual and processes. We also conduct emergency drills with local fire, EMS and police departments. We urge our customers to prepare as well.

Have a Plan in Place

Keep your family and pets safe with a plan that includes evacuation routes, special medical needs, important phone numbers and supplies. Know Plan Prepare Massachusetts has all the information you need to get your home or business ready for natural disasters.

If You Evacuate

While natural disasters are rare in Massachusetts, they do occur. Flooding is one of the more common weather events that can affect your natural gas service.

Winter Weather Meter Protection

Natural gas meters and equipment are designed to withstand winter weather conditions including heavy snow and ice. Hard-packed snow, icicles falling from your eaves, or water dripping from your roof and freezing on your meter can create a safety hazard.