Restoring Service

Restoring Service

How We Restore Service After an Outage

Very rarely does an issue cause multiple customers to lose gas service. But if an outage occurs, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts has specific procedures to restore service as quickly as possible.

You are an important part of the process – our crews will need access to your home or business to restore service. All employees and contractors will carry photo identification during the process of restoration.

Step 1: Technicians must go door-to-door to shut off the gas meter at each home or business that has lost service.  If your meter is outside, it must be accessible.  If your meter is indoors, we need to get inside to shut it off.

Step 2: Once the gas system repairs are complete, Columbia Gas will restore the gas pressure to our system.

Step 3: Technicians again go door-to-door, this time restoring service one customer at a time. Whether your gas meter is inside or outside, we must get inside your building.  We need clear access to perform a safety check on each of your gas appliances and equipment before restoring service to your property.  Crews will make repeated passes through the area until service is restored to all customers.

If service restoration continues through the evening hours, please help our technicians stay safe by keeping your outdoor lights on.