Natural Gas Equipment Rebates

Natural Gas Equipment Rebates

Mail-in Rebates

Need a new heating system? In addition to our custom programs and incentives, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts offers existing and prospective customers rebates towards the installation of qualified high efficiency heating and water heating equipment. Before you make a purchase decision, check the table below for specific requirements and rebate amounts.

To apply for and submit any of the rebates below electronically please use this online rebate form.

You may also print the rebate application and mail it to the rebate processing facility by selecting any of the printable rebate forms below. NOTE: To users of Internet Explorer, the online application is only compatible with versions 9 or above.



Available for
Residential Customers
Available for Business Customers 
 Heating Equipment  Rating  Rebate Amount
Up to 150 MBH1 95% AFUE2 or greater with ECM3 motor $300   Y   Y
Up to 150 MBH  97% AFUE or greater with ECM motor $600   Y   Y
Condensing Unit Heaters
Up to 300 MBH 90% Thermal Efficiency or greater $750   Y   Y
Infrared heaters          
All Sizes  Low Intensity   $750   N   Y
Condensing Boilers      
Up to 300 MBH     90% AFUE or greater                $1,000   Y   Y
Up to 300 MBH     95% AFUE or greater                $1,500   Y   Y
301 to 499 MBH        90% Thermal Efficiency or greater $2,000   N
500 to 999 MBH        90% Thermal Efficiency or greater    $4,000   N   Y
1,000 to 1,700 MBH       90% Thermal Efficiency or greater     $7,500   N
1,701 to 2,000 MBH     90% Thermal Efficiency or greater     $10,000   N   Y
Water Heating Equipment  Rating  Rebate     
On Demand Tankless with electronic ignition Energy Factor of 0.82 $500    Y   N
On Demand Tankless with electronic ignition Energy Factor of 0.94 $800   Y   N
Indirect attached to a Natural Gas Boiler N/A $400   Y   N
Condensing Stand Alone 73-300 MBH    95% Thermal Efficiency4 or greater    $500   Y   N
ENERGY STAR labeled Storage Water Heater       Energy Factor of  0.67 or greater      $100   Y   N
Combination Equipment  Rating  Rebate     
Integrated Condensing Boiler/Water Heating Equipment*  90% AFUE/CA-AFUE or greater $1,200   Y   Y
 Integrated Condensing Boiler/Water Heating Equipment*  95% AFUE/CA-AFUE or greater  $1,600   Y   Y
Controls Equipment  Rebate    
After Market Boiler Reset Control   $225/ea.   Y   Y
Steam Traps  $50/ea.   N
7-Day Programmable Thermostat   up to $25/ea.   Y   Y
Wi-Fi Thermostat up to $100/ea.   Y   N
Heat Recovery Ventilator $500   Y   N
Cooking Equipment  Rebate    
ENERGY STAR- labeled Commercial Griddles        $500   N   Y
Selected energy efficient gas-fired commercial fryers, ovens and steamers   $1,000   N
High-Efficiency Pre-Rinse Spray Valves $50/ea.   N   Y



1MBH=1,000 British Thermal Units per hour      
2AFUE =Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency      
3Electronic Commutated Motor      
4Thermal Efficiency=Efficiency of heat transfer in a boiler minus boiler radiation and convection losses      

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts is a member of GasNetworks, a collaboration of local natural gas companies serving residential and commercial & industrial customers throughout New England. We have been promoting energy efficiency and the use of high efficiency natural gas technologies since 1997.